The capability
of being unique

Who we are

The unique design of Mezzaluna expresses the invaluable mastery of Italian craftsmanship. Through a devoted process of experimentation, we give life to unique and customizable furnishing elements, made of the finest Italian materials, created to match every space of your home. 

Roberta Datteri

My love for beauty, art and nature gave me the need to create things able to express my emotions and cause other people’s curiosity and admiration. I wanted them to be unique, stylish and elegant. Our experiences, taste and tradition is what Mezzaluna’s style is made of: our goal is to carry out our customer’s wishes and give them a refined Italian furnishing product. 

La Favorita was founded in 1970 by Mario Datteri, sculptor and modeler from Perugia (Italy), as a fine art ceramic laboratory. 
In 1994 Roberta Datteri joined her father Mario in the family business. Her academic background along with an imparted love for art, brought her to reorganize the structure of the family company. Traditional technologies and equipment were re-elaborated production and processwise and Mezzaluna was brought to life with new furnishing elements. 
Since the beginning of 2000 Mezzaluna opened to the international market. Nowadays its products are sold mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Arab Countries, Usa, Philippines and Japan. 

Our History

In the world

International shipping is available, contact us for more information. If you would like to become a Mezzaluna dealer please contact us. Authorized dealers are located in the following countries: 

Deruta, Italy

In 2000 Mezzaluna inaugurated its new headquarters in the beautiful medieval town of Deruta, in Umbria (Italy). Deruta stands as a major centre for the production of hand-painted pottery since early Middle Ages. In this exceptional village art, nature and craftsmanship meet to create a real Italian excellence. Nowadays Deruta’s pottery is known all over the world for its unique beauty and value.