The capability
of being unique

our products

Innovation and Italian tradition meet in Mezzaluna’s products. Furniture and decorative elements are created by our artisans, whose extraordinary accuracy adds value to every piece. Every element is tailored to your style and to match your spaces. 


home accessories

Murano glass flowers and precious porcelain enrich our elegant and timeless home decorations. 
The eternal beauty of Made in Italy gives life to decorative elements that will give endless value to your spaces. 


The uniqueness of our lighting solutions allows you to bring out the importance of every space of your home. A great selection of refined materials to choose from to create a decorative element that perfectly adapts to your home. Chandeliers, table and floor lamps in hand painted ceramic, porcelain, in gold or platinum. 


Fine 3D elements in porcelain, Murano glass, handmade lace and more add great value to our hand-painted canvas. Each detail reflects the invaluable mastery of Italian craftsmanship and makes these decorative elements the perfect addition to every space. 


The exquisite elegance of our pieces of furniture will give ageless value to your home. An extensive range of combinations allows you to find the perfect solution for every space: Murano glass, porcelain, marble, handmade lace, in a wide variety of color arrangements.