Tailor Made

Our collections are entirely customizable and every furnishing element can be made to perfectly match the style of your home. Every piece is unique thanks to the accuracy of our artisans and to the finest materials of the Italian tradition. Murano’s glass, Capodimonte’s porcelain along with gold, silver and gemstones make our products an authentic Italian excellence.

our products

Innovation and Italian tradition meet in Mezzaluna’s products. Furniture and decorative elements are created by our artisans, whose extraordinary accuracy adds value to every piece. Every element is tailored to your style and to match your spaces. 

Art In Rolls

Art in Rolls is more than a wallcoverings Collection. It’s about pieces of art. Each one signed and stamped. So you can decorate the walls and create your real personal art gallery.

Unique creations fully customized with elements of paint and matter. From material decorations such as pastes, fabrics and gold leaves to the applications of 3D elements in porcelain, Murano glass, leather and metal, easily applied using magnets.


My love for beauty, art and nature gave me the need to create things able to express my emotions and cause other people’s curiosity and admiration. I wanted them to be unique, stylish and elegant.