The production of La Favorita is divided into collections in the catalogue, customizable in an infinite variety of colors, designs and shapes and a design activity for private and business use.

Each piece of our collection is unique.  The decorative pottery, hand-made by our master craftsmen, marry, in particular stylistic and creative projects, with components of other Italian excellent such as Murano glass, Capodimonte porcelain  and are combined with precious materials such as gold, silver and valuable stones , such as, for example, in the paintings jewel.

Our collections are presented each year in major international exhibitions, as well as at private events: MACEF-HOMI Milan, Kiev Kiff, Salone del Mobile in Milan and complement, Index Dubai, Index Jeddah Hotel Show Dubai, Mebel Moscow, The salons worldwide Moscow, New York Gift. We are also present in some important showroom in the world with our formula Mezzaluna Corner (Dubai, Doha, Jeddha, Moscow).

We work regularly with 4 internationally renowned designers and artists who work exclusively for us and with us offering their creations to an international platform.